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Highly recommended. Unique and informative, this is a guide book to life. I wish that I’d been able to read it years ago! So much of this rings true. Quite recently I seemed to be surrounded by spiders, later to find out that I was caught up in a web of deceit, I’m sure that I would have realised this much sooner if I’d had this book to guide me. The dog also resonates with me, as I now realise that his odd behaviour was reflecting back situations in my life that I was failing to see.
This book really does reveal the truth of messages sent to us by the natural world, information which our ancestors knew, but has been largely forgotten in our modern world. Alex

This really is a beautiful read. It is a unique book and there is nothing else quite like it. It is a gorgeous book about animals and their meanings, but it’s also a really positive, inspirational and innovative self help book. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. 🙂 Laura

Informative and simplistic, easy to read and thought provoking questions make this an essential self help guide on my personal and spiritual journey. I shall be referring back to this book forever. Donna

Excellent reading – brilliant interpretations of animals and people, observed by Jane over many years. David K

I have known Jane for almost 20 years, she really is a true inspiration to all! Animal reflections is really going to help to guide myself and all who reads it. It’s amazing to know just how much we can learn from the animal kingdom. Nicola

Only read a bit of it so far, but very interesting psychological input of the meanings of animals represented in life. The hamster ( going around in circles over and over) and the rabbit (scared) reminds me of my pets when I was younger , my power animals -both represent my life right now, to know what it all means helps you to understand and be aware of signs of animals around you, to make better decisions and feel better in yourself! Client

I am only 16, and read a little bit of the book and so far I love it, it is a truly inspirational book, and I hope to read more of this book, I recommend it to any one to read it. Chloe

I’ve just read this book & found it totally amazing, I would like to get it in paperback form so that I can carry it with me all the time.
I can tell by reading through it that it will help me a great deal. Thankyou Jane Giddings for your twenty years of writing a very good book. Client

Brilliant. The book is entertaining and very enjoyable to read. Very informative about how the animal kingdom gives us messages we never knew about. Great for quick references and self help. Can’t wait to read the meaning of the bee. Thoroughly recommend it. Client

A truly unique reference guide for all of us intrigued by the symbolisms in our daily lives. Jane raises questions that even our best friends would find difficult to ask, and does so in a non-judgemental, loving way that is such a trademark of the skilled practitioner. A truly remarkable and thought provoking read, by a truly humble and amazing therapist! T.D

Was very curious to read this book as there have been a couple of animals disturbing me of late, this really helped me figure out what was going on in my life and how to put things right, can’t thank you enough for giving me such clarity, fantastic self help book, well done for this!! Brilliant. Jojo

I give 5 stars for this book a truly fascinating book which opens the eyes about the animal kingdom and revelations and deeper meanings I very much my c h recommend this book you won’t put it down from start to finish. Client

This is a very interesting book. It contains information and ideas that have been gathered over a long period of time by a reputable and experienced therapist.. It is put together in an unusual, unique manner that makes it a pleasure to read. Client

Really different and unique. Definitely worth reading to make your own discoveries. Christine E Sharpe

Dear Jane,
I just wanted to write to tell you how inspiring and uplifting I found your book. The meanings and symbols connect and resonate with me on so many levels. I particularly, loved your chapter on feathers ! A brilliant read that I know I will dip into throughout my life.
Thank you for the insights – with love, Laura

Loved this book from start to finish, there were a few animals that I identified with. I will definitely read again and again. Well done Jane Giddings. M.B

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