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Welcome everyone to the Animal Reflections community. Please feel free to share your own experiences and messages you have received from the wonderful Animal Kingdom?

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  1. Sonia

    A Truly accurate and amazing book, I love it. I had a wonderful Healing Reiki recently after a sudden family bereavement. During the healing a Hawk appeared outside and stayed for an hour! It hadn’t been seen for weeks, shortly after a white feather landed next to me! A Sign, and then a Dove appeared lol .. It was exciting and amazing to receive so many messages that day! At home I sat looking out the dinning room window reflecting on what had occurred that day, when a small wild rabbit sat at the glass door cleaning himself calmly for what seemed like ages.. another message and a very useful one that I have definitely taken notice of.
    Since then I’ve had many such messages that have helped me and I highly recommend this book!


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